Statskontrolleret Økologisk hønsefoder
✓ DanShells was founded in 1936, and is Denmark’s only producer of whole and crushed mussel shells.

Biological filtering


Crushed mussel shells, coarse, 5 -15 mm.

Whole mussel shells

Whole mussel shells are primarily used semi-fabricated in our production. Then we supply between 100 and 200 tons a year for use as bio-filters in biogas plants, to remove gas and other odours produced in the process of generating biogas, and for filtering water where they have proved to be extremely efficient for water drained off farmland.

Senior Researcher Charlotte Kjærgaard from Aarhus University’s Department of Agroecology on experiments using filter matrices in a drain filter setup, says:
“The leeching of nutrients via field drains accelerates eutrophication of aquatic systems. One solution can be drain filters able to convert or retain nutrients before they reach the groundwater (”

“Crushed mussel shells being tested in the SupremeTech project as filter material for drains. They have good hydraulic properties for use as a drain filter, and are being tested for the second year to filter out phosphor in field trials and have been mixed with wood chips in filters designed to remove nitrogen.”

“Laboratory trials have found that the combination of crushed mussel shells and chips gave good results in relation to nitrogen, and full field trials are now well down the road.”