Statskontrolleret Økologisk hønsefoder
✓ DanShells was founded in 1936, and is Denmark’s only producer of whole and crushed mussel shells.

Premium mussel shells no. 0.7

0.7 to 2 mm. Clean mussel shells, dried and crushed.

Additives for poultry feed and supplementary feed for cage birds.

Product sheet:

Sack:15 kg, 1000 kg, big bags or in bulk.*
Calcium content:38%
Soluble:At 39gr. C. pH 2.7
Analysis error margin:10%

*Bags are packed in a fully automatic GMP certified packing plant. All the packaging we use is of course approved for storing feed.

Also available as:
Clean, dried and crushed mussel shells with added charcoal – an additive for cage bird feed to help their digestive systems.