Statskontrolleret Økologisk hønsefoder
✓ DanShells was founded in 1936, and is Denmark’s only producer of whole and crushed mussel shells.

Premium mussel shells no. 1.0

2 to 5 mm. Clean mussel shells, dried and crushed.

Additive for poultry feed, either separately or as top-up dosing in feed mixes.

Product sheet:

Sack:15 kg 25 kg and 1000 kg, big bags or in bulk.*
Calcium content:38%
Soluble:At 39gr. C. pH 2,7
Analysis error margin:10%

*Bags are packed in a fully automatic GMP certified packing plant. All the packaging we use is of course approved for storing feed.

Sales Manager Svend Erik Olesen, Hedegaard Agro says:
“The bigger the egg, the thinner the shell. Chickens tend to lay bigger eggs as they get older. The need for more calcium from mussel shells therefore increases exponentially. Chickens are programmed to instinctively know how much calcium they need and take no more or less.”

“Chickens form the egg shell during the afternoon and evening, and this is where crushed mussel shells come in. Because it takes longer to be broken down and absorbed into the blood, the calcium remains longer in the chicken. And the fact that it stays in the body longer means it helps build a good, strong shell to protect the egg – and that’s the whole idea.”

Director, Birger Christensen says:
“On organic farms, chickens are allowed to take as much of the shells they need.”