Statskontrolleret Økologisk hønsefoder
✓ DanShells was founded in 1936, and is Denmark’s only producer of whole and crushed mussel shells.


The shells are gathered in the North Sea of the coast of Norway and around the Faeroes in the North Atlantic. We also take empty mussel shells from Danish mussel processors.

Clean, and guaranteed salmonella- free

The shells are transported on a conveyor belt for drying in a tumbler oven with an input temperature of between 450 and 800 degrees C. They come out again and are crushed at a temperature of 60 degrees C, before being sorted and stored according to size in large silos. The whole process is fully automated.

The shells are taken from the 14 silo storage facility and either loaded directly onto trucks or packed in sacks. The latter are kept in dry storage in the warehouse.

Production is GMP+ certified, and we run a monthly inspection for salmonella, coliform bacteria and heavy metals. DanShells products are guaranteed salmonella-free.